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> The wise show no interest to launch into a judgmental voice about the karma of others, nor have any interest to leave others to their karma. The wise know the power of love and find the skillful means to support others to find the way out of karma from heavy karma to future based karma.

I was trying to square this with something Ram Dass said about how to help heal the divisive vitriolic culture we encounter online. He said, “leave other people to their opinions. Thats just their karma.”

Which to me, sounded like a pretty clear prescription that was contrary to yours.

I think the “skillful means” part is where the two views can find common ground though. Engaging on X/Twitter with skillful means entails, well, pretty often NOT engaging. Sometimes, even at family holidays or arguments with a friend, the skillful thing to do isn’t to out-logic your supposed opponent, right?

Curious to hear your thoughts, but I think sometimes the skillful thing to do when someone is expressing through karma that you wouldn’t choose for yourself is to just work on yourself. To focus on healing through the power of love by producing the kind of unconditional positive regard that can come from feeling nonjudgmental peace directed at the self, and by maintaining composure without preference and in equanimity.

Does that make sense?

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