As bad as Putin may be, it's clear as day this war came about because forces in the West/USA/NATO wanted it. This is their latest (proxy) front after their atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. There is collective denial in the west around events since 2014 in Ukraine, in keeping with denial of the criminal and unaccountable powers of US military (and CIA) activity. It's all public record, documented in the Wolfowitz Doctrine since the early '90's.

How do we best keep sane and aligned with truth, while belonging to a culture of propaganda and justification of atrocities? I yearn for collective action for radical positive change. Reading this article, which considers the full context of this situation, at least gives me hope that sense can prevail and pressure can be applied for a sane resolution.

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Yes yes yes, so much gratitude for what you’ve pointed out, dear Christopher! A breath of fresh air, feeling the permission to inquire. Yes, it’s okay to inquire inside and in the outside World as well.

Like we can easily caught up in a thought of our own narrative and to lose the big picture of our True Nature, in the same way we can get caught up in media’s narrative and losing the big picture and other perspectives. It’s again a matter of choice: feeding conditioning or liberating from war inside and war outside! Right Acting from a space of Peace to a land of Peace.

Thank you

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